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Creative Consortium
This is a single source for multiple creative professional solutions made up of a pool of innovative entrepreneurs and skilled individuals with globally competitiveness.


Rehosquare creates a single source for multiple creative infrastructure solutions to breach the gap for development in Africa by consolidating various innovative services under one umbrella with unparalleled top-notch perceptions where the highest quality standards are achieved. We bring to the table, a consortium of core professionals in different technology driven creative fields in global architecture and design practices.


We provide a resource made up of internationally accepted solutions based on track record in hospitality, retail, medicine and research, education, residential, mixed use and corporate infrastructure based on customer requirements and customized work processes to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. 
Our partners have proven records of expertise, aesthetic value and quality delivery. For our clients, this means a pool of talented professionals and high standards.

We start the process with thorough groundwork to understand customer needs and take an overview of the scope of the project, client ideas and determine the right work and support team to see your project through. 

This means that we can make the right creative recommendations that meet your objectives, fit your budget, and help achieve the desired goal. An initial conversation is most times sufficient to start the projects processes and create room for a more in-depth session with you the client and our team to fully understand your demands. Working together, we define a roadmap and flow through with all that is required to achieve your goals.

Our Specialization

We are a global creative sourcing company for Project management, Architectural Designs, hospitality, retail, medicine and research, education, residential, mixed use and corporate infrastructure.

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